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Our curriculum is the experience and activities we provide in the school to educate the whole child. The curriculum is designed to develop enjoyment of, and commitment to learning as a means of encouraging and stimulating the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all pupils. It aims to develop pupils’ sense of identity through knowledge and understanding of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural heritages of our diverse society; to enable children to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and to grow into responsible citizens.
As part of reforms to the national curriculum, the current system of ‘levels’ used to report children’s attainment and progress will be removed from September 2014 and will not be replaced. The Department for Education (DfE) feels that the current system is not always understood by parents.   July 2014 will be the last time that Y2 and Y6 results will be reported as levels.  From July 2015 results will be reported as a numerical score.
At St. Agnes School, parents are invited to meet with their child’s new class teacher at the beginning of term to discuss the curriculum for that year group.  This year (Sept 2015) we will be adopting a topic led approach for most subjects.  Literacy, where necessary, Maths and RE will remain separate.  There will also be termly updates on your child’s progress.  Should you wish to learn more about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the class teacher.  

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