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St. Agnes School Uniform

Summer uniform can be worn from the beginning of the Summer Term until  Autumn Half term. No Polo Shirts are to be worn at any other time.



Winter                                                                                                            Summer

Navy Sweatshirt, Jumper or Cardigan                                   Blue Gingham or Stripe dress(Reception to Yr 6)

White Blouse                                                                        White Polo Shirt (optional for Year 6)

Navy Skirt or Pinafore                                                           Navy Skirt (Optional for Year 6)
Tie                                                                                         Navy Sweatshirt or Cardigan

Black Shoes(flat)                                                                    White Socks

Navy or Black Tights

Trousers (Can be worn from October Half term until Easter - They must be proper school trousers not stretchy or tracksuit bottoms.)



        Winter                                                                                                 Summer

Navy Sweatshirt or Jumper                                                      White School Polo Shirt

Grey Trousers                                                                          Grey Trousers or Shorts

White Shirt                                                                              Short Sleeved Shirts may be worn with a tie

Tie                                                                                           Navy or Grey Socks                                                                 

Navy or Grey Socks

Black Shoes

                                        Hair Accessories

                      Blue or White Hair Bands or Hair Toggles only. Girls should wear their hair up.


                                  P.E. Kit for Boys and Girls (Summer)

                                      School Navy T-Shirt
                                         Navy Shorts
                                          Black Plimsolls
                                       School Baseball Cap

                                 P.E. Kit for Boys and Girls (Winter)

                                     School Navy T-Shirt

                            Navy Tracksuit Bottoms (these can be purchased from the school office)
                                         Black Plimsolls



If your child is representing St. Agnes at a Sporting Event during school hours or after school they should wear Navy Tracksuit Bottoms. If you wish to purchase your own tracksuit bottoms these should be plain navy.



Trainers of any description are not to be worn in school other than for playground activities.


Sweatshirts, Cardigans, Polo Shirts, T-Shirt, Dresses, Baseball Caps, Book Bags, P.E Bags, Ties and Recorders are available to purchase from the school office.




Please do not send your child to school wearing jewellery or nail varnish. Children in Key Stage 2 (Juniors) may wear a watch but must take responsibility for it themselves. Earrings of any description may not be worn on health and safety grounds. Parents will be asked to remove any child found wearing earrings in school.


Please discourage your child from bringing money or toys to school, unless specifically requested to do so, as the loss of these may cause distress, Sweets or chewing gum are not allowed in school.

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