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Meet the staff at St. Agnes

Headteacher - Ms B McDaid.

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs A Kemp , English Co-ordinator.

Year 6 Class Teacher - Mrs Stapleton Senior Leader, Maths Co-ordinator.

Supported by  Kerry Hooper Teaching Assistant.

Year 5 Class Teacher - Ms S Donnelly-Topic.( History/Geography) and Music Coordinator.

Supported by Debbie Agombar - HLTA, First Aid, Dinner Supervisor.

Year 4 Class Teacher - Mr D Crow. PSHE.

Supported by Debbie Smith - Specialist Teaching Assistant, Dinner Supervisor.

Year 3 Class Teacher - Miss Drew SENco.

Supported by Maricel Flores HLTA, Dinner Supervisor.

Year 2 Class Teacher - Miss Eames,  R.E Coordinator.

Supported by Pam Macgregor - HTLA, Senior Mid Day Meals Supervisor, First Aid.

Year 1 Class Teacher - Miss Mahon, Art and Topic (Science & D.T) Co-ordinator. 

Supported by Pauline Nicholls NNEB / Senior First Aid /  Language & Communication.

Reception Class Teacher - Miss Masterson- EYFS - Coordinator. 

Nursery Class Teacher - Ms Dias - PE Coordinator.

Support Staff for EYFS Unit: 

Faye Kitchener - Nursery Nurse, First Aid, Forest Leader.

Mabel Chan - Nursery Nurse,

Mary Leahy - Teaching Assistant.

Marissa Connelly - First Aid. Teaching Assistant.

Bex Drew - Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Chambers - Part time Senior Leadership Team, SEN Coordinator & Inclusion.

Ms Kate Nassou -  PPA Support. 

Mr Mathurin - Part time musical accompanist.

Mrs Evans - Part time Senior Leadership Team School Business Manager. 

Mrs Natalie Renford  - Office Manager.

Ms O'Kane - Office Administrator.

Mr Jones - Premises Manager.

Kim Duffy - SEN Support, Maths Interventions and Dinner Supervisor.

Lisa Ollivierre - SEN Support and Dinner Supervisor.

Charles Bailey - PE Support and Dinner Supervisor


Sarah Whitton - SEN Support

Mary Leahy - Teaching Assistant and Dinner Supervisor

Lynn Solomon - Dinner Supervisor.

Caroline Mason - SEN Support and Dinner Supervisor.

  Melisa Maclean-Jones  - Dinner Supervisor.

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