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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Miss Donnelly and Debbie Agombar  will be leading Year 5 this year.
We aim to learn many new skills and increase the children’s knowledge through a range of activities and events. Year 5 look at The Caribbean in great detail which includes an individual pupil project over the Christmas holidays. The Tudors are studied during the spring term. An educational visit to Hampton Court Palace takes place during this period which provides pupils with an opportunity to apply and reinforce their understanding. There is also a trip to the Royal Albert Hall, as well as visits to the school from a variety of theatre groups.
As we are a Catholic school, Religious Education underpins our entire curriculum. We create and perform approximately assemblies per year which are based around the Come and See framework, a programme used throughout the school.
The school has three themed days throughout the year including St. Agnes Day, Harvest Festival and a ‘fun day’.
Year 5 is considered a very important year for our pupils. We hope to ensure that the children are prepared both academically and personally for Year 6. The teachers and staff have high expectations of the children and expect them to become more independent as the year progresses. The pupils will also have to take responsibility for their own equipment and homework.
Homework will be set on Wednesdays and should be returned the following Monday unless the teacher says otherwise.  In preparation for Year 6, some tasks may also be given during the week. Parents are encouraged to support their children where possible, with particular reference to reading and ‘Talk Homework’. Children who fail to complete homework on time will be liable to appropriate sanctions.
Miss Donnelly and Debbie hope to provide a fun and enriched curriculum for all of their pupils, and believe that a child’s learning will be at its pinnacle when tasks are carried out with energy and enthusiasm. With the help of teachers, staff and parents this is what we hope to achieve.

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