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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to Year 6 with Mrs Stapleton (class teacher). Kerry Hooper (TA).

Supported by Kim Duffy.

Year 6 is the final year at St Agnes’ and a very important one too!  The children learn to become more independent in preparation for secondary school.  It is during this year that children sit their Key Stage 2 SATs tests, so the children need to prepare to work very hard. However, the children will also have the opportunity to take part in many fun activities such as class trips, school journey and an end of year production. 
The day consists of Literacy and Numeracy lessons every morning with topic work in the afternoons. We do R.E, History/Geography, P.E., Science, Art/D.T., Music and P.S.H.E. Our topics include The Victorians, Our World and Mask making.
During Autumn term, the children will take part in swimming lessons for P.E. on a Friday afternoon. For the rest of the year, P.E. will be Friday afternoons. We have two music lessons a week.  

The children must bring their book bags to school everyday and they are expected to read every night. The children receive homework set on a Friday and handed in on Tuesday. It includes spelling words and a literacy and numeracy task which reflects revision towards SATs.

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